Best Time to Fish

The fishing  season on Canada's North West Coast starts in May with the arrival of the Chinook Salmon, also referred to as the King Salmon. The salmon spend their time here feeding in preparation for their trip to the many spawning rivers of British Columbia. In this North West region most of the salmon are headed up the Skenna or Nass Rivers. In protective waters we see some salmon reach upwards of 70 pounds. Salmon from 15 - 30 pounds are the norm in the area, any that are over that weight are classified as "Tyee" and are a prize catch for sport fishing anglers. The Chinook salmon fishing stays strong through until June and into July.


The Northern Cohos or Silvers arrive as well and have grown rapidly over the summer reaching sizes up to 18-20 pounds by September. They are excellent fighters and their acrobatics often times earn them their freedom from less skilled anglers.


Halibut fishing is strong throughout the season with larger Halibut weighing in at 240 pounds. Most Halibut are in the 15-25 pound range (chickins), which provide excellent eating - often there are many 60 pounders caught.  Halibut is a highly regarded food fish and like the Flounder, adult Halibut typically have both eyes on the right side of the head. Limit 1 per day.


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Fish Tails

- Like they can learn more from a guide in one day than you can in three months fishing alone. 


- First things first; get to the water. Go find a good spot to drop a line ... then enjoy the experience of the act of fishing.  Next, slow      down and smell the salt of the ocean ... close your eyes and intently listen and take-in mother nature in all her splendor.


- When we catch a fish we will have the bounty. Fishing is being outdoors and not at work !


- Smile be kind to each other and share your catch.